My 1929 Ford AA Truck

Monday 11th March - 2019

It has been another exciting few months for me planning & organising our 5th Annual Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Car Show. We have managed to retain many of the charming vintage vehicles from our previous shows PLUS recruit new exciting treasures never seen before at our Cronulla exhibition.

Only 5-weeks now until the BIG Show day in Cronulla - Sunday 14th April 2019.

This year I am going to display my 1929 AA Ford Flat Bed Truck to the public for the 1st time in its original Patina on the tiles of Cronulla Mall.

This is the first time I ever laid eyes on my new truck, which was
at the 4th of July Day Parade in Santa Clarita, California.

Last year in America I attended the 4th of July celebrations in a town called Santa Clarita, California, located about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. The previous week I had attended the National Model A Ford Rally in Reno, Nevada. I was on my way back to my residence in Phoenix, Arizona & was coaxed by my friends to participate in the 4th of July Parade in my 1931 Model A Ford 4-door Town Sedan. (see photo below).

Little did I know what was ahead of me before the sun went down over the west coast horizon of California that afternoon.

Whilst tweaking & dressing my Model A Ford in the muster area of Main Street, Santa Clarita and before the commencement of the parade I heard the familiar distinct sound of another Model A Ford driving down the road & thought nothing more of it until I looked up to see what Model A Ford was about to join us for the parade.

My decorated Model A Ford Town Sedan which I drove in the 
4th of July Day Parade in Santa Clarita, California

As I looked up from securing another American flag to my Model A Ford Town Sedan I was gob smacked to see this magnificent 1929 AA Ford Truck parked next to me in all its glory & original patina. Immediately I fell in LOVE with this uncommon relic (as you do). I dropped every thing that I was doing & walked over to introduce my self to the owner/driver to have a chin wag with him.

I have a very special soft spot in my heart for this particular vehicle that Henry Ford produced, ever since watching a Documentary on how they built the Hoover Dam (1931-1936) in the Depression. That was the moment in my life when I decided that one day I would like to own one of these work horses. All of the trucks that were running around in that film working to build the dam were AA Ford Trucks just like this one.

A view inside the cabin, note the simplicity and bare bones fitout.
Also the front windscreen ventilation system and also the 
bullet hole in top of the panel [probably happened 
during the prohibition era in the US]. 

One of my favourite saying is: 'There is always a reason'

That afternoon after the Parade I arranged to meet up with the gentleman that owned the AA Ford Truck at a BarBQ that my friend had arranged once the celebrations were finished.

Over a few beers at the BarBQ we spoke about the history of the truck, during our discussion Rick the owner happened to mention to me that this vehicle was actually used in the early '30s on the construction of the Hoover Dam. I could not believe my ears in the magnificent historical story directly connected to this truck that he was telling me.

Once he told me the story behind this vehicle I just had to have it...

I captured this image in the first moments when I fell in love with
this vehicle after hearing about its extraordinary history

We negotiated for quite some time before I eventually persuaded him to sell the Truck to me. (money talks all languages even American).

As I mentioned earlier in my story 'There is always a reason' if I had not been persuaded to participate in last year's 4th of July Parade in Santa Clarita California I would not be the proud owner of this very rare Classic vehicle, so you see 'things are meant to be' I believe.

Another very interesting part to this story about the purchase of this truck is that the engine is Russian built. This also adds to the uniqueness & rarity of my acquisition. (of course this engine is not the original one, however it adds to the mystique of the vehicle).

My truck in California with the engine stripped out during asbestos 
certification in preparation for export home to Australia

These Trucks were built in America from 1927-1932. Ford licenced the manufacture of the Model A Ford & AA Ford engines to a variety of Nations, notably the Soviet Union. There were 985,000 GAZ AA engines built in the USSR from 1932 until 1956. In some countries like Uruguay & Cuba these AA Trucks are still in use, more than 90-years after their introduction.

So to finalise my story, I could rave on all day & l do not want to bore you any longer. My AA Ford truck is quite unique here in Australia, especially being powered by a Russian built (50 H.P.) 4-cylinder engine, 4-speed manual transmission. This model AA Ford Truck is one of the short wheel based models with dual rear wheels capable of carrying a pay load of 2 ton. 

The truck after its arrival into Australia and clearance by Australian Border Force
Awaiting its trailer ride home to the Shire. Still bearing its California licence 

plates and at this stage, unable to be driven on Australia roads.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading my story about a very special vehicle that comes with one hell of a pedigree.

If I have not bored you to death as yet & you would like to read more about some of the vehicles that will be exhibited in Cronulla at the 2019 Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Car Show all you need to do is 'CLICK HERE'.

Please enjoy the stories.


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